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By :Yellowave Skin Science 0 comments

Mirror mirror on the wall, how well can I hide it all?

Call it a layer, epithelial cells, or just the weird jacket that covers your skeleton (a mental image we hope you’ll forget), our skin is undoubtedly the most delicate and sensitive part of your body. The use of toners, lip balms, and serums that have the right ingredients are essential for natural skincare and are all vitamins for good skin. It determines a lot about you and your health, both internal and‌ external. It is, for this reason, that skincare is one of the most essential things to do in your routine, which is why most people find it therapeutic to maintain it healthily & happily.

The most important practice is to learn how to treat your skin like royalty, and we mean this literally! 

We recommend you begin skincare at a very young age to avoid problems like ageing, spots, fine lines, and discolouration. Any of these may happen due to both natural elements like heat and dust as well as chemicals like makeup products. With organic products like the Squalene Toner, Anti-Acne Serum, Bees wax and Castor Oil Lip Balm, and the Vitamin C Serum, we can promise you super healthy skin and a fresh, lovely day. The best way to have happy skin is maintaining a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle, and exercising, along with using the right products for your skin. Going the natural way has often been considered as the best and most effective.

We at Yellowave believe in the saying "health is wealth" very literally. Hence, our products are centred around keeping your mental and physical health at its peak. The stressful lives we live leave no space for us to breathe, let alone get fresh and toxin-free skin. But we have a secret to let you in on: Skincare isn't just a physical aspect, but a practice for your mental health too, and it goes the same to get healthy skin!

Those ten minutes you spend in applying our organic products, like the Toner, Anti-Acne Spot Serum, Vitamin C Serum and Lip Balm are ten minutes you give wholeheartedly to yourself. While you do that, our aim is to centre your mind and body and calm it down. We believe that spending this time during the day gets your energy in sync with your mind, preparing you for the whirlwind lives we all lead. We call this the Skin Therapy everyone needs.

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet gives you the necessary strength to stay healthy internally and externally, giving you naturally glowing skin. Having meals that include the right amount of calcium, proteins, carbohydrates, etc. play a crucial role in maintaining healthy skin and boosting immunity. A balanced diet along with the right products ensures maintenance of the elasticity, undertone and radiance of your skin

Moreover, ensuring that one sleeps for at least 8 hours and exercises in some form or the other is a must. With the right skincare regime and proper sleep, you will keep your skin rejuvenated and light as you wake up every morning. Regarding exercise, you must remember how essential it is in maintaining your skin’s condition. Practices like yoga, walking, jogging, and cardio are often considered the best kind to not only lose weight but also release any and all toxins from your body and skin. You can rely on many practices like face yoga for glowing skin, exercises for acne, exercises to tone your face, exercises to reduce wrinkles, and even meditation. The best way to maintain or repair your skin is by walking under the early morning sunlight to absorb fresh vitamin D3. However, one must ensure to put the right products onto the skin before exposing your naked skin to any kind of sunlight at any hour. Ultimately, exercise is the perfect solution to get glowing skin. When exercising helps with maintaining your skin and weight, you automatically feel lighter and better on the inside as well as outside. 

Ensuring doing all of the above is essential of course but remember to use the right products. Our products like the Toner, Anti-Acne Spot Serum, Vitamin C Serum and Lip Balm will keep your skincare regime on point, leave your skin far away from problems, and repair your damaged skin like magic. If they’re not a part of your regime yet, it’s high time they were a part of your vanity.

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