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By :Yellowave Skin Science 0 comments

As good and easy as the process of your day and night-time skincare routine sounds, the beginning of that isn’t so easy after all. Beginning skincare is just like picking out a chair, you must find what is comfortable, and then choose it consistently. It is extremely essential to understand that before you start the whole process, understanding your skin-type and selecting the right (and definitely safe) products for yourself is the key. 

Your skin type is like your fingerprint—unique in its own way. You may have acne prone skin, extremely dry skin, or even extremely oily skin. Tackling it with the right skincare treatment is essential. When you’re unaware of what your skin type is, you mostly follow advertisements or what you read on the internet. This is commonly a practice any newbie does. One believes that their self research is considered as a more reliable source than consulting experts in a nearby skincare clinic

When you understand what your skin is like, you look for skin care products accordingly. You consult the right people for the right things. Even if you don't, once you’ve figured it out, you look for products accordingly. But should you just purchase products and apply them? The answer is a big NO.

You can never ever fully rely on a product and apply it all over your face. Although you know your skin type, you can’t just apply a product directly on your face and wait for the results. While trial and error is the right way, you don’t know how the product you’re using is going to work for your skin or work on your skin. In order to be safe and not have an unwanted reaction, it is always recommended you do a patch test of any product on your skin.

What is a patch test you ask?

It’s applying a tiny portion of the product on a small part of your  skin you want to target (e.g., applying a small portion of lotion on the back of your palm and testing its results). With a small patch test, you understand how a product can work on your skin; whether it works or whether there’s a reaction. It is always best to try any product on a small patch on your skin. Treating a small patch is easier, in case of any reaction, than the entirety of your skin.

The best way to test a patch for any skincare product or any product in general is to test it a little over or under your jawline. It’s the closest to your face and this spot is usually considered best. All you need to do is rub the products between your fingers or on a cotton pad and gently apply it on the small patch and let it settle in your skin. Repeat the step a few times and wait to see the results.

This is extremely essential to follow and when you do this, you will be able to pick and purchase your products in a much smarter and better way. This way you get to understand and make better choices and purchases. Remember, with every trial, you get to know your skin better, shaping you into the best judge than your research itself!


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