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Skin for the Win!

By :Yellowave Skin Science 3 comments
Skin for the Win!

Skincare has been a topic of discussion for centuries now. It’s an integral part of one’s life. However, when you hear of skincare, most people tend to associate it with the feminine gender. It’s no surprise because over the years women have been subjected to the societal description of beauty and perfection. 

But with the passing of years, men have also realised that they too need to take care of their skin and that skincare happens to be an extremely integral part of their daily regime. Not to set beauty standards or jump into the trend, but for their own personal self, they’ve realised that skincare is important as it can leave a mark in public and help them look presentable. It reflects your personality and talks a lot about how you look after yourself in general.

Skincare isn’t confined to any gender or person actually. Skincare is for all, no matter what sexual orientation one identifies with. It’s a unisex or gender neutral concept.

At Yellowave Skin Science, we believe that skincare is essential as it not just boosts one's confidence in public but actually keeps one's skin healthy. Your facial skin’s health is as essential as your overall well-being. 

We are sure many of you reading this might ask if both men and women can use the same kind of skincare products? The answer is ‘YES’, they very much can. 

The composition of men and women is very different from each other. While women have many types of skin, men are usually prone to having more oily skin; that’s because of higher sebum content in their skin. Apart from this, because of the production of testosterone in a man’s body, their skin is 25% thicker than women according to dermatologists. However, that does not mean that they do not have dry skin or combination skin

At Yellowave Skin Science, we make products that are suitable for both men and women because the issues faced are pretty similar. It’s just the texture and composition that’s different. But to combat the same kind of issues, both of them need similar kinds of ingredients. We’re a unisex skincare brand and truly believe that skincare is for everyone. We ensure that we make unisex products so everybody can get their hands on problem-free skin. 

Whether you want to get your oily skin treatment, or whether it’s basic skincare or any other skin related issue that needs to be addressed, we’re your vegan, cruelty-free one-stop solution with products made of absolutely natural ingredients that are best for one’s skin. From our anti-acne serum to our toner and lip balms, whichever product you may want to pick, it is unisex in nature and can be used by anyone and everyone.

Now having happy and healthy skin isn’t too much to ask for as we’re here for you. Visit our online skincare store, check out our wide range of skincare products and pick what’s suitable to fix your problem from the roots.

comments ( 3 )

Ravi Shankar Singh
Nov 14, 2022


Ravi Shankar Singh
Nov 14, 2022


Dhairya bhandari
Jan 10, 2022

A must try product, have been using it since a month now, skin feels great. thank you yellowave skincare.

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