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By :Yellowave Skin Science 0 comments

So far it is absolutely understood that skincare is an absolute must if you want flawless, healthy & happily glowing skin. All thanks to the number of products, experts and social media keep us well aware of these things, skincare has become a habit in everyone’s day to day routine and not something that people need to remind themselves about. But has there ever been a time when you’ve questioned yourself as to why a certain product is important in your regime or skipped it because you were lazy and thought that it was okay to skip a step? Don’t answer that question because we all have at some point. 

However, better late than never to realise that every single product in your skincare regime holds equal importance. Each of these products have value that they add to your skin’s well being and should not be skipped.

This happens most frequently with a toner especially while doing your skincare routine for AM. Most people think it’s okay to just apply some sunscreen before leaving their homes or staying indoors, but that is a big mistake. Toner holds equal importance in both your AM & PM skincare routine.

Toners are water based liquid products, the purpose of which is to refresh your skin post application while also maintaining its natural moisture and keeping it intact. It ensures that your skin doesn’t get rough or dry while also making sure that there is no skin irritation. 

The biggest reason as to why using a toner is an absolute must is because a toner removes the deepest and last traces of dirt, pollutants, impurities or grimes that may still be in your pores despite washing your face. It unclogs your pores completely and frees them so your other skincare products or cosmetics can be absorbed into your skin making it look smooth & stunning.

The second big reason that you must always use a toner and never forget this step is because a toner helps in the appearance of your pores and helps with skin tightening which helps keep aging at bay. This is only achievable if a toner is used regularly and diligently in your skincare regime. When applied on oily or acne prone skin, it acts as a skin refresher leaving your skin feeling lighter.

A toner also helps with maintaining the pH balance of your skin, works like a magic trick on rough patches and helps with maintaining even skin tone. It helps with reducing the patchiness of your skin making it look not just hydrated but also even. 

Since the importance of toners is mentioned so clearly for you, you must make sure to invest in a trustworthy toner that will help your skin and our Squalane Toner is here to your rescue. Get your hands on our toner made of natural ingredients and get the skin you’ve always dreamt of.

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