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By :Yellowave Skin Science 0 comments

When it comes to beautiful landscapes, you might be a sunset or a sunrise person, but your skin is the friend that loves and needs both.

It is established so far how skincare plays a vital role in our day to day routines, but here’s the real deal - we’ve only majorly spoken about how it’s required mostly during the day. We have found that there’s not a major chunk dedicated to your PM skincare regime, the sleep fighting habit that will save your skin the most! 

There are different, organic products dedicated to both AM & PM skincare regimes. It is essential to realise why that is the case. During the day, your skin is exposed to harmful UV rays of the sun, toxins, dust and all the possible pollutants around you, including in closed spaces, that can harm the skin’s beauty. These harmful elements can penetrate deep into your skin via open pores and lead to discolouration, black heads, white heads, acne, fine lines, and many more horrors. 

While your facewash and skincare products block these harmful pollutants and elements from entering your skin, you end up catching some of them in your skin, especially when you have an extreme skin type like acne prone skin, dry skin, or oily skin. When that happens, the pollutants on the top most layer get soaked into all 7 layers of your skin along with the products you apply in the day. These harmful elements lead to the production of excessive oil in your skin, further leading to acne and enlargement of pores. This may affect the elasticity of your skin, causing fine lines and wrinkles. 

This is the time when your nighttime skin regime comes into play. While your AM skincare routine protects you from this harm, your PM skincare regime repairs it for you. All the products that you use for your bedtime skincare routine are especially designed keeping in mind that this is the time you sleep on a clean surface and in a clean space. No outdoor pollutants can enter, giving you a natural, glowing skin. 

Each of the products from your bedtime skincare routine are carefully designed in a way that they slowly and gradually repair your skin through the night when there’s no exposure to the sun and your skin is peacefully resting, absorbing the products like a fresh canvas for good skin. These products are meant to rejuvenate your skin and make you feel lighter in the morning as you wake up, keeping the beauty of your skin intact.

In short, your PM skincare is what will keep you from letting all the toxins from the day affect you, including stress!

In order for that to happen, you should get your hands on our products like the Squalane Toner, Anti-Acne Serum, and Lip Balm that are designed for both your AM & PM regimes. They can help your facial skin be just as peaceful as you are in your sleep!

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